How it all started...

Our passion for arts, and crafts took off at the age of 7. As one started making her own blankets, the other one began to sew skirts for her favorite dolls. Activities made possible thanks to marvelous Christmas gifts that would be used for years to come; remember those 90s sewing machines for kids? Yah, well, those are the years during which we grew up.

Years went by and our interest for fashion and design, added up to a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit, pushed us to conceptualize our ideas and concretize our projects. After a succession of experiences in the fashion industry, we decided to set ourselves a new goal; create our own clothing line, while remaining sustainable and environmental friendly to a maximum. After all, being millenials, we thought it was more than appropriate to become hipsters ourselves as well. 

Borée; « wind of the north », is the personnification of the north wind in the greek mythology, one of the four cardinal winds. At least, that is what's written in the dictionnary. For us though, it represents change, both in terms of climate change, and personal growth and adjustments. Our company aims militate against consumption excess, as well as being a way for us to express ourselves freely by crafting unique and creative items. 

La Borée offers alternatives to big corporations and brands, which produce massive tons of waste every year. We encourage local, sustainable and ethical fashion, on top of progressively working on our own day to day habits and patterns of consumption in order to reduce our carbon footprint.